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WHW Fund Raising Badge - Viking Shield

An NSDAP winter help fund-raising badge in the shape of a circular Viking shield. Maker marked by Altschweuiss on reverse, with part number P13. With clip.

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WW1 Artists Rifles Cap Badge

A brass WW1 cap badge for the 28th Battalion London Rifles, also known as the Artists Rifles. With cap slide. The battalion later became 21 SAS.

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Russian Front Medal Ribbon

An Eastern Front medal ribbon bar with clip and field grey backing.

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War Merit Cross with Swords

A nice condition War Merit Cross with Swords, awarded to combatants, in white metal. With original ribbon.

Code: 12797Price: 29.00 GBP

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Saar Day Badge - 1934

A pressed copper Saar day badge, 1934, with clip. Good condition.

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WW1 Iron Cross 2nd Class - Stamped

A WW1 Iron Cross second class with stamped ring. Original ribbon with sewn-over ends. Fine condition

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Dorsetshire Cartouche Badge
A brass Dorsetshire Regiment cartouche badge. Victoria crown - 1890 pattern. Two of four fixings missing.

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Three German rank pips - dig-ups

Three German shoulder rank pips - dig-ups from Festung fortress Breslau, Poland

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1934 Tinny - Emmerich 700 Year Day

A 1934 tinny produced to mark the 700th anniversary of the founding of Emmerich on the Rhine in Westphalia. Pressed alloy badge with castle and swastika. With clip

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War Scrap - M38 Gas Mask Can Jug

A jug made from a German M38 gas mask canister. Painted in brown enamel. Lip and handle added. Some corrosion to base, otherwise good condition. At the end o the war metal as in short supply, so items of military "war scrap" were re-purposed.

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